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_MG_9761 ioHi everyone! I am Marilyn. I was born with the passion for teaching, I taught children and adult  for 13 years. My passion, coupled with a great sense of leadership, proved my  tenacity for the job as it earned my  position as the   President of Teacher’s Faculty Club in public school.

Understanding the value of education as a solid foundation to get ahead in life, I  help set-up and now acts as the Managing Partner of   St. Jeanne Beverly, a tutorial and learning center and became a  managing partner of MyEdge Learning Center, a homebased tutorial service catering to students for basic and advanced academic lessons and skills.

Transition to Virtual Assistance

The promising earning potential homebased academic tutor sparked new interest in me– Virtual Assistance. Following the success of those who have made it to the field, I  have worked  way up to my  own online success since 2013  with learning Web Design and Development at the UP Information Technology Development Center and STI College. I  managed several projects for offshore clients with great satisfaction.

With the goal of providing more virtual assistant services.I connected with esteemed colleagues in the virtual assistance field and co-founded Philippine Virtual Assistant Network (PVAN), the largest and growing online community of virtual assistants with over 15,000 members. More than just a group, PVAN has become a common portal for Filipino virtual assistants for shared working experiences and skills development. Leveraging on my networking skills, I am  now the Project Manager of Remote Virtual Assistance  Agency, a virtual staffing agency based in New York catering to clients around the world.

Success moving forward

With teaching as my  roots, I  currently serve as a  co-trainer for Virtual Assistant Guide and Web Internship Program, an online mentoring program for aspiring virtual assistant and web development professionals. And as an online serial entrepreneur in the making, Valuing entrepreneurship,I  am one of  the managing partner of  New York Sari-Sari Store, an online door-to-door store for US merchandise delivered straight to the Philippines, as well as liaising services for bill payment and documents processing in the Philippines.

I  recently started writing my first ebook that narrates my  success story about the transition from being a government employee to becoming a full-fledged online professional. With my highly inspirational self-trust and strong faith in God, I demonstrate advocacy in helping others create a stable online career through the vast opportunities awaiting everyone.  In this book I spell  out how that can be done.

I  live by the principle of paying it forward, I spend  my free time to He Cares Foundation by participating in rehabilitating and educating street children and out-of-school youth.

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